Monday, September 14, 2009

Making a call to the Hispanic Community

Some of you may be wondering why, if this is intended to help preserve Cervantes’ tongue, we decided to write most of the copy in English…

The intention behind Acentos Perdidos USA (AP) is not to “impose” Spanish over English, but to promote the correct usage of both languages, as true bi-cultural/bi-lingual individuals. As we get caught up in our daily routines, unfortunately, we tend to rely on the so-called “spanglish”, which does nothing but deteriorate both languages; and make us, each day, less able to establish a sober communication (written and/or spoken) in Spanish or English, when one of the main benefits of being bi-lingual is that we’re able to communicate with twice as many people than those who are not.

Furthermore, keeping in mind that over 50% Hispanics on this study “say their language of preference for the internet is English. However, nearly 40% of Hispanics ages 18-34 prefer Spanish language internet sties.” There’s hope… so we figured the best way to connect with both groups is write the general copy in English and the corrections, rules and other information that would help us better understand and appreciate our language, will be in Spanish.

In addition to making our contribution on this site, we’re working on reaching youth groups in our communities and introduce them to the beauty of proper-written Spanish… so if you, by any chance, are involved with an organization dealing with Hispanic children, and would like to be part of AP USA, feel free to contact us via e-mail: acentosperdidosusa [at] gmail [dot] com.

With that being said, we encourage you to go in search of Acentos Perdidos and send them to the e-mail above. Also, you can download the templates here, and find important information about grammatical Spanish rules over here.

Let us make today the official start of AP USA, and we certainly look forward to the collaboration of the Hispanic community.

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